There’s More to Life Than…….?

There’s More to Life Than…….?

Yes, I know there’s more to life than any one particular thing so I’m not picking on a particular life activity here. Balance in our devotions and passions has always been ascribed as being the healthy way to life.


BUT the balancing of the scales is different for different folks and for the ongoing span of time that we call our lifespan. And it has reason to be that way. From what I remember of the book “Passages” (Gail Sheehy ~ from about 1984), it presents that there are “normal” occupations of our concentration and efforts specific to certain age spans and if we miss those “normal” growth patterns, there are consequences to deal with. I remember thinking how true and how revealing that book was and I guess I still believe the concept presented.


So back to “There’s more to life than…..”. Even though we may be caught captive by the moment that we are in, or better said, by the age and life consequence that we are currently in, that is dictating our concentration, there is still more to life than that current driving force.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was consumed with being a mother, tending to my little ones. The 30’s brought going back to school and finishing my degree; the 40’s was more about putting it together… getting ready for the big 5-0.


A few more years have come and gone and I realize that there is ALWAYS more to life than what we are dealing with at any given moment. So even though we may have to do some of the following, choose to do some of the following, or are pushed into doing some of them… there’s more to life than…
1. Making money.
2. The quest for knowledge.
3. Blogging
4. Golfing
5.  Any other Hobby
6. Physical attractiveness
7. Being admired by others
8. Being approved of by others
9. Being #1 at any given activity

You will notice that I didn’t put “family” “marriage” “relationships” or “faith in God” in my list of things … it’s probably evident why I didn’t… those things are not up for discussion for me if that discussion would have me take away from those in order to put other things in SO in reality, balance for me is actually taking time away from other things and activities to make sure that I have those 4 in it, if need be that I’m spending too much time pre-occupied with other activities.


Have you ever found yourself saying, “There’s more to life than __________________”  What was in your sentence?



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