Where is our Mirror?

There’s a lot of maintenance in life.  Dishes that have to be washed, the same for laundry.  Grass that has to be mowed.  Automobiles are another time taker.  What do you spend some time on every day to maintain life as we know it?

Personally, I take 30 minutes to an hour every morning with the daily shower, hair, make-up, etc… all that goes with that.  EVERY DAY.

The way that I determine what needs to be done with much of that is based upon what I see in the mirror.  I wonder what we would all look like if there were no mirrors in this world….

I have been stuck on this concept this week. (Seems like I get stuck on something and ponder it for a while until a new AH-HA moment hits me.) I am a spirit that lives in a body.  Our spirits will be what survives when we die so we must primarily be a spirit. The body will die and turn back to dust.  AND YET.. I spend more time daily taking care of this body than I do my spirit.  Granted, I am working on my spirit as I go  through my day, interacting with people and having some quiet time each morning to read, pray, or ponder.  Sometimes I don’t get that quiet time in and I can tell it in short order.  Anyway, I digress..

Back on topic …  It’s a shower every morning, followed by getting ready for the day and I’m looking in the mirror to do make-up, hair, etc.. that mirror tells me what I need to do to present myself to the world daily.  BUT like I said, I’m really a spirit walking around in a temporary body… so where’s my mirror to reflect back to me, the real me… the spirit??    You know where I’m headed with this.  Father God, YAHWEH, His Son, YESHUA, and Their HOLY SPIRIT… that’s our mirror.

On a daily basis, moment by moment, even.. that quickening in our spirit when we’ve made connection with His Holy Spirit about something… or we know that we’ve said or done the wrong thing and need to repent of that word, thought, or deed..  That’s a reflection back to us of what our spirit looks like, what we need to do, to maintain it.

We can ponder what life would be like with no mirrors in it BUT I do not even want to imagine what life would be like without His Holy Spirit that He has given to us, to abide in our hearts..

Where is our mirror?  GOD’s Holy Spirit and His Son, Yeshua… that’s our mirror for our real person, the one that exists beyond our death.  THANK GOD FOR THAT MIRROR!

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