Some Much Needed Time Away…. RV Trip to Surfside, Freeport, Galveston Texas – Post 1

Surfside Texas Beach Front

Some Much Needed Time Away…. RV Trip to Surfside, Freeport, Galveston Texas – Post 1

Last week was a much needed recess from work.  If you ask most children what their favorite part of school is, they often will say, “Recess!”.  Even though I enjoy my career choice, I’m still a child at heart much of the time and recess is a favorite.  This recess was spent on a trip, destination Surfside, Texas.  Beachfront RV Park Resort; reservations were secured for an ocean front, beach front, space for Quantum 5er.

It always takes me a day to get ready for vacation so a week ago Friday was spent packing clothing, making sure that all files and clients were in good shape.  (More on that one in a later post), making arrangements for things in our lives that would help take worry away from being away from the office and away from home.

We could have driven the entire distance in one day but chose instead to stop in Willis Texas.  We found that many RV Parks in that area stay full with full time RV Dwellers which was a surprise to me.  I don’t know if Hurricane Harvey which brought much flooding and damage last August is still having some effects on where people are currently living or if this is the new normal in many places.

Next morning, on to Surfside.  If you’ve never been to The Beachfront RV Park Resort, stop before you pull in and evaluate the interior “street” arrangement.  The Entrance and Exit are not clearly marked on the Street.  The layout shows two “streets”.. there are really three.  The most Easterly one goes straight to their residence and restaurant and there is no pulling through to the rest of the park even though the online layout indicates there is.  SO, if you pull into that “street” you’ll quickly be looking for a place to turn around.  We were fortunate in that there was a vacant space that we could back into to turn around.

After getting turned around and on the right path, getting parked and set up was a breeze.  RV Trip to Surfside FreePort Galveston ~Post 2 tomorrow.

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