Beachfront Deck Bar & Grill Surfside Tx ~ RV Trip to Surfside, FreePort, Galveston Tx ~ Post 2

Beachfront Deck Bar & Grill Surfside Tx ~ RV Trip to Surfside, FreePort, Galveston Tx ~ Post 2

As soon as we got the RV set up in our space #39 front and center looking at the gulf, we headed walked over to the Beachfront Deck Bar & Grill right in the RV Park.  It was about 20 steps to the gate into the fenced area that has a giant ground chess game and the steps leading up to the restaurant which is on the second level above the tall piers at ground level.

I should have gotten pics of the inside of the restaurant but I was more focused on the food at that point…  we had skipped breakfast that morning and I was hungry!

I ordered the Shrimp Cobb Salad.  I am a salad nut.  I simply love fresh veggies combined with different flavors of cheese and meat or eggs!  I asked for the shrimp to be grilled.  When it arrived, the shrimp was a little crusty which I love and the flavor was amazing.  It was a little “spicy”.. had a little heat to it.  Sliced Avocados, Parmesan Cheese, Boiled Eggs, Grape Tomatoes, and Fresh Spinach rounded it out.  You want to make me happy?  Bring me a spinach salad!    One of the most delicious salads that I’ve been served.

BUT…  the next evening when we went over to dine and the Cobb Salad was one of the items that we ordered, the grilled shrimp were pale and slightly greasy… like they had been coated in flour and dipped in grease..  so it depends upon who’s cooking !

The weather was extremely hot and the wind was kicking up quite a bit, so a short stroll on the beach that day was the extent of our first day of beach time.  We spent some time driving around and checking out the area, looking at homes for sale there (we’re real estate agents… couldn’t resist!!)  We just did drive by looks.  We would not have wasted the time of a real estate agent since at this point we have no intention of buying a home there.

It was a great trip..  more coming in post 3.

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