Hibernating in the Heat and the Cold

Hibernating in the heat and the cold.

When the temperature gets below 25° or above 90°, I am ready to stay indoors.  Modern inventions and customizations of homes have allowed us to create indoor environments with controlled temperatures, down to the degree and other modern electronic gadgets and devices give us plenty of work or entertainment to do within that temperature controlled environment.

When I was a child, the outdoor temperature didn’t seem to matter...run outside in the cold without a coat or jacket… run and play in the heat… I guess I’ve gotten soft as I’ve aged.  OR maybe it’s just that the focus is different.  Then it was all about running, playing, laughing, having fun and concern for the heat, cold, or health wasn’t part of that focus. Now I know that getting too cold or getting too hot will probably bring consequences.

If it’s COLD, I’m layering on the clothing and a big coat to top it off, with scarves, gloves, and a hat more than likely.  If it’s HOT, I’m looking for lightweight cotton, silk, or rayon.  Short sleeves, sleeveless, capris, knee shorts, lightweight skirts.  Instead of dress for success…my thoughts go to dress for the weather.  Yes, the sun does supply energy to our earth.  One way we capture it is with solar panels, but when the temperature is high that same sun saps my energy!

Also there was not as much inside entertainment then. Then it was watch TV, do a jigsaw puzzle, read, or clean (which though not entertainment was what happened sometimes if you were inside and an adult noticed). Now with the myriad of electronic gadgets, phones, games, movies on demand, the internet, etc..  there seems to be more calling young people to be indoors than there is calling them to be outdoors.  Society has also greatly changed, and safety is more of a concern.

It hasn’t been that long ago that I took a daily walk for a couple of miles near my home, but traffic has increased, the speed of that traffic has increased and the number of loose dogs has also increased so now my walking is either done on a treadmill or at the McCurtain Memorial Walking Track and if done a the track, I choose a 7 am, or close to, walking time due to the heat coming with the sun.

Combine modern electronic entertainment with modern electronic exercise equipment, including the treadmill and now I can listen to music, or watch on my iPad or TV,  a favorite speaker, a movie, videos, or a Bible lesson while walking… and occasionally glancing at my FitBit to keep up with the number of steps, distance, heartbeat etc..

When we had farm animals, I felt like I needed to be outdoors more so that I would experience the temperature that they were experiencing, and be more aware of what they were dealing with.  Since we no longer have cattle or other farm animals, that reason has ceased to exist and I am often surprised at how hot or cold it is outside if I’ve been busy inside.

Since I don’t ski and we do not live in snow country nor in the part of the country that is considered the deep South, when the temperature drops below 25° Fahrenheit or above 90°, I am indoors more than outdoors.

I do not spend any more time in that environment than necessary. What about you? Enjoy the outdoors regardless of temperature or find indoor activities when it’s on either end of the thermometer?








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