Life is a lot of things.  Sometimes crazy, sometimes more sane than I want it to be.  GOD Father YAHWEH has been so good to me.  He has brought me this far through my craziness and through my human sameness, never letting go…bringing me back to Him and loving me when I didn’t deserve it and still don’t.  None of us deserve His Love.  Only through His Son, YESHUA can we come before Him and expect to spend eternity with Him.  Eternity with GOD…YAHWEH and YESHUA is such a totally awesome future!  This blog is about “my” Halakhah, “the path that I walk”.  Sometimes I’ll write as wife, sometimes mother, grandmother, great-grandmother…..real estate broker, DIYer, shopper, reader, writer, and probably 100 other roles in life to speak from and live BUT always His.  Sometimes you’ll find spiritual ponderings and questions here because life is a journey of learning or should be.  Thank GOD that He doesn’t give up on His people.

Judi Barrett


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